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Thursday, October 26, 2006

A firt step to the country of beautiful smiles.

So there we go... This is supposed to be my first writing and im not really prepared . Its my second week in tokyo and im still excited like the first day . New things always keeps u excited in your life time and Japan is full of interesting and nice things for me. Firsty its really comfortable to be able to walk the streets like ure not a foreigner. Maybe its because everybody has their own world in their being . I mean nobody is really interested in examining or searching for new faces in the streets . Except me. As im deeply interested in art and photography i like human faces and i strongyle belive a human face carries thousands of stories inside. and i like solving this beautiful puzzle . the good thing is japanese people like being photographed . I dont know at least they smile . This smile may lead to any meaning but lets just thing they like it. I think thats the best meaning for me :)

I want to make a few comments about japanese food too. So the famous invention what was it . Oh Hashii right..Learning how to use it took one week and i was feeling like a baby learning how to walk. I always liked learning new things in my life and to become like a baby at the age of 22 was quite exciting.) To be honest after tasting the food eventhough it was delicous my stomach had some disasters. Not a real disaster lets just say some pain. But dont worry im alright now and i believe i can each japanese food much better then you all people :P Well lets just say i can eat and no stomach problem and i think its a good development for my digestion system . And soon i ll be tasting more various food here , i really promise for that. For the starting day i would appriciate a guide who would help me :)

Here im passing most of my time in the company . Lets just say our job sweet job , Drecom. People are so young here most of them under 30 and its a nice feeling to be inside a young office with young souls. The interesting thing is when i met the people here they thought i was 24-25 or something . Oh come on im not such old) If u want to see a 24 year old one Tamas is sitting next to me :) One things is for sure japanese people like working really much and i really respect that . You cant find this discipline and good working conditions in an other country. And people here like doing self introduction . Ciko shokai right?thats the word well i did it more than a few times. It was half japanese half english . I really wish i could do all of my self introduction on Japanese but im not good in the language and i dont have a japanese teacher yet . Studying on my own and hope to improve it anyway. But in the yakutori party they taught me some japanese , i think it was a bit nasty japanese so i just forgot those words . It was nice to have a good party with all the employees in the company . And at last i had the taste of japanese beer . It was fine. my stomach had a party after the event . And i discovered one thing. Japanese people are real karaoke stars. They have good voices . i think you could be quite famous in my country so listen my advice come to my country to be a karaoke star. In my country you cant find karaoke easily so i think a new path of music might be created in my country. And if nobody does i ll be the first karaoke star )

And the beautiful japanese streets . there are people who makes music . Soon i ll introduce you with the cello man of the metro. Urume san. You will see his photo soon so dont worry. Its nice to see music in the strees. Lyrics whispered to your ears under the noises of the big city Tokyo. Its just like somebody fondling your hair when u hear that soft music . I really liked that. I just stayed in the metro and listened the cello man for an hour.. i think music is a common language that every soul can understand ,even me.

Oke it was just a start i dont wanna bore you with my first letters so thats all for a start.

Soon i will be sharing my photos taken in tokyo here. i hope you will enjoy them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it s so exciting and impressive composition.. I liked it very much.. it s especially good for somebody who s wondering japanese culture .. they will learn so much about that..
so congratulations!!

_aHmet kaRaman_

2:04 AM  
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