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if you let a star lead your way then no wind can stop you. Life with ideas is like following the stars as your compass . You always have the light in your life showing the true path. And you mysterious guest welcome my light paradise. hope u enjoy what u see....)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The cello man of tokyo

There he is. If u just concentrate you will hear a great harmony instead of all the noices of the city. This sound probably comes from the metro of Shibuya. Urume san has been there approximatly about 6 years . He just writes his rhyms his poetry with music which is really best for your ears.
I just asked him if or not it was hard to live like this in Tokyo . His answer was pretty smiling . The importan thing is not living its just enjoying the art u do. And i think that was the true description of art. no thinking of past or the future just enjoying the moment just enjoying what u do .Smelling the life smelling the art u live. I think thats what he does.
I bow front of u with great respect Urume san...


Anonymous metin said...

Nice photo ooze. We wait for better ones incase u re the photoghraper :)

1:16 AM  

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