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if you let a star lead your way then no wind can stop you. Life with ideas is like following the stars as your compass . You always have the light in your life showing the true path. And you mysterious guest welcome my light paradise. hope u enjoy what u see....)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gates of Olympus

Well the question is how u can create a beutiful sunday and the answer is just ahead in the tokyo center. Today tamas and i went to city center . I wasnt expecting to see such color of green in a city center but i felt like i was inside kinda paradise. The little child inside me was awakened once again so i took about 100 photos )Well there was nobody to stop me so one photo followed another . This is one of the photos i took today. I felt like i was front of the gates of Olympos . The great mountain of Greek Mytology Gods. I hear u say its not in asia. Lets say it was in my dreams so just tell me pls who can judge my dreams ...)uu .MM no i dont think so .Oke im just joking think what ever u want . Its ur imagination . The thing i just wanna say is that green , nature ,piece they are all in one word . Unioned combined with a great harmony and that words is just in Tokyo center gardens.And like Morpheous says 'nobody can be told what the matrix is . You have to see it for yourself'. I just say u have to see this beauty of nature for yourself.. see ya all .


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Ya ama hem Japonya'dasınız hem de sular seller gibi İngilizce yazıyorsunuz. Ben çok kıskandım sizi bilesiniz:)

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