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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

After a little break ..

Well after a few days break its nice to say hi once again . Days in japan are passing quite fast and i still cant believe i passed nearly a month here. i think im having kinda f time problems. I rediscovered the relativity theory of einstein here. Time passes so fast. Maybe its because of the work life we have or the athmospere surrounding us . In my country we see sunlight till 8 pm but here it goes down about 4-5pm. Oh i really missed the sun . Oke oke i wont make too much critics:) A good thing is that in turkey its snowing and people are wearing really thick clothes and i can still wear a t-shirt here. Ihih its amazing. I ll be celebrating christmas with no snow for the first time. That really excites me. Also sometimes on msn i appear with only a shirt or such staff and my friends from turkey really jealous me. They are having a really bad winter there. I wish them really good luck . Im planning to go to a swimming pool next week
we have started a japanes course at last . Its interesting to be with other foreigners and learn japanese . Sometimes there are funny occations like yesterday. Sensei asked tamas "anata no sensei wa dare desu ka " and tamas's answer was "watashi wa tamas ". Well the teacher was asking who his teacher was and he said his name instead. It was quite interesting answer and the other thing is you should listen him while he is studyin japanese . He has great potential . I think he might enter medicine in a japanese university next year :) About me well i think turkish and japanese grammar are quite same so i feel like i re learn my own language and its quite fun. The only thing is we dont have sounds ike mya myu myo . So its a bit strange for me to say these sounds . But anyway i like your language.
In week times i dont have much time so i couldnt send any photos this time . last weekend we were in akehabara. We just looked for a few electronic staff and i learnt that Akehabara was the true address of such kind of staff. Well the prices were quite expensive. To be honest if i buy something i ll have to pass the next month in the streets . There wont be any money left to pay the rent. Japan is really expensive . There were also some indian traders in Akehabara too. Well they werent as japanese people. They dont help u much and i didnt like their trading attitude. We have been to several shops . Japanese people always helped us and tried to be as kind as possible but i cant say the same think for the duty free shops where foreigners work.. It was a bit sad . I also saw some turkish kebab restaurants but pals let me honestly tell u Its not real KEBAB. Its some kind of doner and doesnt seem to be so sweet its just too chilly. Kebap is bigger and much more ooshi . I think we should invite a few of my friends and have a real kebab party then you will understand me. Here most restaurants makes things quite easy they just sell doner instead of kebap. And its not something like true kebap . And the funny thing is i saw an african guy working in a kebap restaurant . Maybe its routine for u but for me it was quite funny . In turkey generally turkish people are allowed to work in kebap restaurants because its a part of culture. it was quite funny to hear someone calling me in english what kind of kebap i wanted . We generally eat kebap with ayran (a drink made of milk) not with cola.)Just keep it in mind in pls . If u come to my country one day you will see the difference about kebap ..
Oke its enough about kebap i think because im getting hungry.). In lunch times here we generally taste japanese food and its nice to say that im used to hashi . I think i ll buy a collection of hashis and return them to my country because day by day i forget how to use fork. And its lunch time now so have a good lunch pals . Itada kimasu.

じゃ また 


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