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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

autumn in december

hello after a while. Its hard to believe that it has been nearly two months here. The weather is still like autumn . I cant guess how it is in my country . Probably freezing . The time is passing quite fast in japan and I am quite busy with my project and my life in japan so pls excuse me , i havent written for so long.

I have a phone number, a bank account and im nearly feeling like I am a part of the country. but pls dont wait too much I still cant speak japanese so fluquently.

I have reached some turkish people living in Japan . Most of them engineers and it was interesting to hear that they have been in Japan for long time . They have been inside the culture for a really long time and had many experiences and it was nice to hear some of these from them . Tamas and I went to clubbing and met turkish people there . It was nice to be talking turkish after long time . I noticed that i was the only turkish guy who was unable to speak japanese :(But the interesting point is they werent speaking so good turkish .

We have been to a baseball match with Drecom people . It was my first time to play baseball . I cant say i played well but thanks to company people they let me play. Most of the people are playing baseball quite well , much better than me . I have been makng some photos of them while playing and they were really concentrated on playing . Also i made photos from different places of tokyo . I dont have much time in week days so i havent been out of tokyo yet . Im hoping to go to Kyoto in christmas holiday and take nice photos. After 2 months here I think japanese people put a lot of concentration both on their work and fun. I think they like doing everything carefully. I belive this attitude comes from culture and im happy that day by day im gaining these attitudes and learning more from them .

These days Im more concentrated on our project. Tamas and I are working in a good harmony . People in the company are helping us too. We can ask questions freely. Im a bit excited because next week we will be making a project about our project. I hope everybody will understand it vecause I hope hope that everybody will understand what we re working on and it will be nice to hear some questions from all employees of the company. Basicly we are working on a social network based on web 2.0 idea . We hope to interact people from different countries meet and help each other . Users will be able to share and read the information of the site at the time . If you re interested in going abroad you will be able to find what you look for in the site and as its based on web 2.0 . Recently we have finished the communities and implemented Gmaps on the site. People will be able to create free communities and see their locations on the maps. Later on we are planning to put some dynamic web games to make the site more attractive. It can be mainly based on Gmaps or other ajax tools . I beleive that hee site will grow larger by the users posts and shares. I will be talking about it in a more detailed way next week.
thats all from me now

Wish you the best


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